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>> Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Myrtle: This is a nice restaurant. I'm glad we made reservations.

Isabel: Yes. It looks like a good crowd.

Myrtle: Think of all the clean kitchens at the end of the day.

Isabel: It's a nice change. This is a good booth.

They take their coats off and settle into the booth, while the
waitress takes their orders.

Myrtle: Look at that young mother across the aisle with her two
little towheaded girls. Aren't they adorable?

Myrtle observed the small family and noticed the girls were probably
around six and nine years old. Their shirts had holes at the elbows.
Their sneakers looked worn.

As Myrtle and Isabel enjoyed their dinner with all the fixings,
occasionally Myrtle would glance over at the family. The mother
seemed to eat very little, yet she made sure her girls ate all they wanted.
During one glance, Myrtle saw the mother slip several dinner rolls
into her purse.

Isabel and Myrtle felt stuffed after eating only half of what was on their
plates. They were both old and couldn't eat as much as they used to.
They ordered desserts to take with them. They gathered their coats and
the dessert boxes and made their way to the checkout counter. Myrtle
looked back at the young family while Isabel paid their bill. Isabel walked
to the restaurant entrance assuming Myrtle was right behind her. But
Myrtle hung back. She fished in her wallet at the checkout counter. She
spoke to the host while motioning to the young family, who were, at that very moment getting up from their table. Myrtle placed a bill on the counter, hesitated but a second, and placed another bill on top of the first. She smiled at the host, and quickly, for an eighty year old, joined Isabel, who had been watching her from the doorway.

Myrtle and Isabel had walked along the sidewalk maybe forty feet when they heard voices and running feet approaching them. They turned to find the mother and the two little girls stopping next to them.

Young Mother: Thank you very much. Bless you for your generosity. Paying for our meal was a gift from God. But the extra...
She began crying.

Two girls in unison: Thank you!

Myrtle: Happy Thanksgiving.

And with that, Myrtle handed her dessert box to the younger girl. Isabel
followed suit giving her dessert to the older girl.

Younger Girl: You're those people Mama told us about.

Myrtle: Oh?

Younger Girl: Yes. People who leave love footprints on your heart. Thank you.

Myrtle was speechless, and just smiled at the children. She and Isabel had to turn and continue walking because tears were welling up in their eyes too.


Room Reservation

>> Saturday, October 15, 2011

I recently made a reservation at an Inn in New England.
Just for a Get Away night. I need those every now and

Today in the mail I received a receipt from the Inn,
saying my room was paid for. Seeing as how I actually
remember paying, I just think this was a waste of paper.
But not a total waste, as the receipt presented a very
interesting bit of information.

Under “Room Type” is the room number and these words:
“Non Smoking Queen High Speed.” Seriously. If I could
scan the paper, I’d show you. The non smoking part I
understand. The Queen part? Hmmm. Am I going to be
“Queen For A Day?” Remember that TV show? The winner
usually ended up with a spa treatment or dish detergent
for a year, or some such thing. No thanks.

Okay, what’s with that “High Speed?” I only have two
speeds- slow and asleep. If I went into high speed, I’d
go into overload. Does it involve room service? As soon
as you hang up the phone after ordering, is there a knock
on the door? Do the curtains open really fast? Does the
house keeper clean up quickly? Are there only car races
available on the TV? I’ve never heard of a High Speed

This particular aspect of my room intrigues me.
What are your thoughts on this?


A 2 Z

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I know, C was last week. But it's
still C this week too.


Glory, Grace & Blessing.


I love listening to our choirs
at church. We have several.


I can't imagine not being able to see
all the beautiful colors God has provided.


Yes, you knew I'd mention this, didn't you?


Fair Warning

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Okay, you husbands out there, listen to Myrtle. I know
it’s the beginning of summer, so you’ll have plenty of
time to think about this. Christmas is coming, eventually.
You know those pantyhose your wife bought recently?
The really expensive ones?

Listen to me! Are you paying attention? Turn that sound
down on the baseball game. This is more important. And
don’t give me that look.

Your cute idea of putting all those lovely little stocking
stuffer gifts in the legs of those pantyhose is a NO-NO!
Your wife will not even SEE the darling trinkets and
bright little goodies you’ve put so much thought into
getting for her. She will only notice that her precious
pair of pantyhose are now all out of shape and nine feet

Trust me, this is NOT how you want to begin Christmas
Day. Unless you’ve bought a brand new couch, because
you may be using it for a while.

Fair warning. Okay, you can turn the sound back up on
the game now.


A 2 Z

>> Saturday, June 4, 2011



Psalms is very calming to read.

I avoid placing my Bible on the floor,
out of respect.


I kind of like them. A lot.


Colorful. Beautiful singers.
God’s morning alarm clocks.


A 2 Z


Asparagus. Enough said.

Air Conditioning. How did southern states get through
                              summers before AC?

America. Blessed by God.

Awareness. Of the road this country is being led down
                   and trusting God.

Acrobatics.  After age 60, not advised.


April Fool's Snow

>> Friday, April 1, 2011

Well, this is a fine how do you do! I thought Spring was here.
That was a short season. I had so many plans. Like planting
seeds in the garden. Well, the gardener down the street, Sam,
will be doing most of the work, but he lets me help. There
are already some crocus up, and the daffodils are making a
good showing in the rock garden. Well, until the snow
covered them.

Mr. Bean is asleep on the back of the couch. Echo is sitting
nearby, staring out the window, transfixed by the falling
snow. This may be the first time he’s ever seen it. Oh, he’s
talking at it. He’ll love autumn when he can yell at the falling
leaves. Free entertainment for him and me. Obviously it’s
old hat for Mr. Bean.


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